Custom Painting Commissions Available

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Welcome - I'm Stacey Torres, an Expressionism Folk Artist. I paint using an abundance of color with acrylic paints and colored markers. Specializing in ethnic art, particularly women of color, in natural settings, I tend to create my beauties from their core, out to the skin, thereby showing their souls first. I also have a passion for flowers done in watercolors.

You could consider me a simple folk artist. My love of art began at a very early age, and as I child I always hoped I would become an artist ... what else could I be? However, that was not the path I took, and pen and brush were put away for almost 50 years.

I recently began to create again as a means of therapy. I'm not sure why I decided to do that first sketch, and then experiment a bit with markers and other medium. But one morning, I just started - my mind, body and soul were full of turmoil, stress and desperation. The way some folks doodle mindlessly, at 61, I began to draw and paint in the same way - an suddenly I was engulfed in color and peace

As people began to show an interest in my artwork, I embraced the value of my work. It was then that I remembered my true calling, going back to my earliest roots - Raw, Black Art, filled with my Caribbean roots -- My grandfather used to paint the squares of our concrete patio of our old house back in Queens. He painted it like a checkerboard, and I was allowed one square to do as I pleased ... I had forgotten that annual ritual.

I'm also a fusion dancer, and like my dance, I lose myself in the joy my art has come to bring to so many people. I love COLOR nature, and often paint myself into whimsical garden settings that resemble my own private space at home. My creations are bright and cheerful, but often the subject within will be dark and brooding. I paint life as I know it now.

Yes, I gladly accept commissioned assignments. Please realize I am a folk artist and visualize my subjects in whimsical caricatures. I would love to give you life in color. Thank you for your unending support.

It's never too late to recreate your dream.

Note: To clarify any confusion, some of my first drawings and paintings are signed 'Anastasia.' .However, now I merely sign with my initials (SMT).

2016 Recipient of the HOOSIER WOMEN ARTIST Contest, coordinated by the Indiana State Treasurer.

My artwork has been featured on CBS' "Criminal Minds," Season 10.

Peace & Butterscotch,

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